Sorority videos hit upon true human desires

Let’s take a quick poll. How many people have ever watched, listened to, or done something because they saw someone attractive singing, acting in, or doing that thing? Good, I am not the only slightly shallow person on this earth.

I am not saying that this compulsion is all bad. I mean, the reason why we do a lot of anything is because we feel an attraction, a pull, towards it. It might have nice colors, a pretty face, beautiful scenery, etc, and because of this, we watch that movie or grab that book or go up to that person. Being attractive is also not limited to the physical-people are also attractive in their intelligence and even in their kindness and charity. Attractiveness just means that something calls to you and you want to go to it, you want to be part of it, you want to be near it and even possess it. And if attraction speaks to the whole of something, so we are attracted to someone’s physical makeup, their mind and their soul-then we have won the true Powerball.

But physical attractiveness is a lot easier to ascertain and be swayed by than intelligence or kindness. And in a culture that is literally imbued with physicality, from the constant barrage of sex to the celebrities we follow on Instagram just to look the pictures they post of their faces, it is no surprise that physical attractiveness is the most important, even if we know better.

So, when people post about how outraged they are about sororities posting videos that concentrate on the faces and bodies of their members, I am glad they see that people should be treated as more than just their physical appearance, but are they willing to put their money where there mouth is? Because the continued popularity of such recruitment videos, the way women ad men are portrayed in music videos and in films, speaks volumes on how we, as a society, are still hyper focused on the physical. These sororities, those magazines, those posters of picture perfect playboys, play on selling prettiness and it works. Those sororities know that it is a dream for many girls, even if they don’t admit it, to be one of those desirable young women. Why? Because society says that they will be lauded by millions if they look perfect enough, if physically they meet the standard of whatever passing fad. These people pray upon of our deepest needs: being desirable. And since it is the easiest to exploit, people concentrate on selling physical desirability. Case in point, the Kardashians, who I am unable to find contributing anything to society besides selling their physicality and making it a commodity.

So ‘bravo’ to the sorority video planner for figuring out one of the best ways to make a sorority superficially desirable and to play on our deepest needs as humans.

And also, thank you to everyone who poked holes in the video, aptly stating that people are meant to be more than physical objects. Let’s hope more people being to believe this and that media and culture start to make real changes.

But, since I don’t want my words on the internet to be just that, I am going to unfollow all those random people I follow only because of their nice faces. Yeah I did that, but not anymore.


Because Lip Synchs bring out my inner (kind of) feminist….

I am glad the rest of the world has jumped on the bandwagon of appreciating a good lip synch contest. From the ones that Jimmy Fallon hosted on his late night show to the new show on Spike “Lip Synch Battle,’ lip syncs are a fascinating beast. You might not have the pipes, but you can pretend to. It is particularly hilarious to watch someone like Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson sing Taylor Swift and knock it out of the park. But you know what is not entertaining? An overwhelming amount of women deciding that the only way to impress a crowd or make them laugh during these contests is to act so inappropriately that I felt dirty watching. Is there a reason Jimmy Fallon can lip synch a show-stopping “Like a Prayer” without acting like a strip tease, but Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway did renditions of “Wrecking Ball” and “No Diggety” and proceeded to rub their bodies suggestively and pretend to give lap dances?

No good reason? Just as I suspected.

I find this issue is not something that is only present in lip synch battles. There are of course exceptions but often when women try to entertain it is often at the detriment to their dignity as a woman. Whether it is playing dumb or using a continuous stream of curse words, I’d like to call out my fellow women to stop thinking they need to lower themselves in order to be funny or liked or esteemed. Now, men are guilty of throwing their dignity under the bus for the same reasons, but as a woman, I feel I can speak better to and for the women.

Ladies, I want to be able to turn on stand-up from a woman comedian and not worry that she is going to spend the next hour doing little more than cursing and telling me about her latest sexual exploits. I want female leads in movies and shows that are not constantly using their sexuality or their middle finger attitude to attain their goals. I’d like rap songs that are not about sex and using women. I would also like the complacency in the face of degradation of anyone, especially women, to stop. We should not listen, watch, or buy anything that doesn’t treat anyone as they do not deserve. You are irreversible and unique. You do not need that popular song about it being ok to be a stripper. Usher, please do mind if she is disrespecting herself. Be a human and stand up for her.

Women, you can be everything you want to be without allowing your dignity to take a back-seat. I mean it. So you stick out like a sore thumb in society-well, that ache that you feel for standing up for yourself and your dignity is worth it. And you will find that others will be attracted to how you live differently and soon you will find others who desire to live like you. Then the movement gets bigger and then lives are charged and the world is that much better.