Because Mondays need goals, tea, and inspiration….

Here are 10 things to do instead of wasting your Monday complaining/moping/all around not enjoying your life……
  1. Write that thing, dance that thing, sing that thing, draw that thing, or do that thing you have been meaning to do. Now, go do it. Quit putting it off.
  2. Make your favorite dish but don’t eat it alone-invite some friends to share it with you. Or at least invite them over this week and buy the ingredients and begin prep. Prep is like 75% of the fun in my opinion.
  3. Read your favorite (comic) book from your childhood-in fact, let nostalgia take flight and listen to that Raffi song (Raffi-anyone? I grew up on this stuff. Classic) Really, whatever was the soundtrack of your childhood should be blaring in your eardrums today
  4. Don’t say that mean thing. Don’t even think it. Toss it out. Nope. No. I am looking at you. Don’t do it. No, its not going to help. Promise.
  5. Watch an inspirational video. I stand by these forever and always. I get a good cry and I feel inspired. People can be so great…a lot of the times. The thought is there. The execution may be lacking, but they still desire it. Watch someone get it right then go do it yourself.
  6. Take a walk. I can’t emphasize it enough: outside air is essential. You can’t live on recycled air. Breathe in what the good trees give you.
  7. You know that one person you have been thinking about, wondering if things are going ok, etc? Yeah, contact them. They need it. Even if they just need to know someone is thinking of them, they need it.
  8. Make a wishlist. I have an ongoing one on my phone of things that I really want. It has everything from a US soccer jersey to matte nail polish to a Kid President poster. You don’t have to go buy anything but knowing what you want buy if you save up gives you a goal to work toward.
  9. Clean something. I cannot even begin to express my love for cleaning as a way of relaxing and being productive. The cleaning doesn’t have to be laborious-it can be cleaning out your hard-drive, cleaning out your phone, cleaning out those useless thoughts in our head even. And if cleaning the dishes is one of your faves like me (yes, I will come do your dishes) then do it.
  10. Last of all, try and make wherever you are a joyful place. Know that doldrums don’t last forever. A little cup of tea at work, a smile to a fellow student, a compliment, a renewed desire to do well can go a long way in making a day better. Mind over matter, my friend.
So, have a great Monday. You can do it. I believe in you.

P.S. Praying is also very advisable-ok, over and out.

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