Because I am not just a butt check

I love soccer. I really do. I recently re-awakened that love with the World Cup. And there is a slight chance I re-watched a part of a match today. Why do this? Simply, I love watching athletes. The limits that humans, regardless of sex, race, age, etc., can push their bodies, has never ceased to amaze me. It also strikes me that athletes not only discipline their body but their spirit as well. They do this by not giving into excess in body (binging pizza) or spirit (bad sportsmanship). They know there is a prize to be won with perseverance and a little suffering along the way. And, after watching the World Cup (when it was on live last month, not just my nostalgic watching it today) I decided I wanted a little of that pain and gain, so I pushed my work-out to the next level. I was already running but decided to watch what I ate and add in a little ab action, throw in some weights, and stretch so I can reach my toes (no, I can’t reach my toes. I don’t want to talk about till I can).

But today I realized something a little scary: I was working out largely just to be attractive. Knowing I had to nip that downward spiral in the bud, I evaluated why I should be working out. If I am just trying to be attractive, then I would never be satisfied or happy with the results, because someone is always going to think I am not attractive. And, that, my friends, is ok. Think of what a disaster that would be if everyone thought that everyone else was attractive. I am not saying we shouldn’t all objectively appreciate that each person is beautiful in their one way, but I am speaking of downtown, Motwon, crushtown being attracted to everyone you meet. Your little heart couldn’t take it. But, being attractive and healthy is still a good thing, since this is largely the first step to getting to know someone. You can catch their eye then their heart. Furthermore, trying to look attractive for your significant other or your friends is a compliment to them, saying ‘Hey, I did that thing, with the effort, and keeping in shape!’ It says ‘I care about how long I live, letting others delight in how I look, especially if it’s a special occasion for you!’

Second-it’s actually really good to work out and stay healthy. I feel better and I am noticing a difference in my stamina, strength, and all that great stuff. Not only that but the discipline I am cultivating in my body is starting to reach other parts of my life as well. I watch what I am putting into my body and now I also watch what I do with my mind and my heart. For instance, Kathryn, let’s not encourage those ridiculous thoughts about that boy who left you long ago. Like the fat you are shedding, let him roll right off of you. And, third, my body, and the world, deserves this. I have one healthy body and I should treat it right, for it can do so much for myself and others if I keep it healthy. I can help someone faster because I can move faster. I can open that pickle jar if no one else can, or even go help build a house. And even if I loose that health, knowing that I should be working for others is a lesson to be learned anyway.

So, I decided that I am not working out just so some guy can look at me and think ‘wow, she’s beautiful.’ I am doing it so I can look at myself and say ‘hey beautiful, let’s do some good with that temple of yours.’


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